Since 2017 I’m the Head of Global Program at Lensational, a non-profit social enterprise using photography for women empowerment in the most vulnerable communities in Asia, Africa and Middle East.
Lensational was founded on the International Women’s Day of 2013 in Hong Kong, with the mission of equipping women in the developing countries with cameras and photography training.

Vision and Purpose
Our purpose is to sustainably empower marginalised women and girls, emotionally and economically, through photography.
Our training has helped women overcome their self-limiting bias through improving aspirations, creating strong support networks and role models. The empowering visual narratives taken by our women also challenge gender and cultural stereotypes, changing external bias over time. Finally, coupled with the content gap in global stock photography and local need for photography services, our women can earn extra income, leading to financial inclusion.

Milano, 22/11/2018 Libreria Feltrinelli Presentazione Associazione Donne Fotografe © Fulvia Farassino

Italian Women Photographers’ association

I am active member of the Italian Women Photographers’ association. This organization was founded in 2017 with the aim to promote women photographers’ work in Italy and worldwide. Its members, with a variety of in depth experience, decided to get together to fill a cultural void. In fact, despite the increasing interest for photography, public and private cultural institutions rarely are interested in women photographers’ work.
Aware of the value of women photographers’ work worldwide, we intend to undertake several initiatives to stimulate curators, critics, institutions and journalists in giving attention and valuing women photographers’ artistic work, whose cultural wealth is immense.